Imagination Station Learning Center

               1410 Iratcabal Circle
               Sparks, NV 89436
               (775) 626-9292

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ISLC Silver Center Recognition

        Imagination Station has achieved Silver recognition for improving the policies and practices around nutrition, physical activity and screen time in our center as part of Healthy Way to Grow, a joint program of the American Heart Association and Nemours. 

Upcoming Event
The Dragon Flies will be celebrating November 8th by making and delivering a variety of gifts to veterans throughout the community as a way to say thank you for their service.
Specializing in children 6 weeks of age through 2nd grade as well as a fantastic off track program of field trips, life experiences and community service for 1st through 6th graders.  Ms. Jenny has done an amazing job at setting a field trip calendar with a variety for all children.  

Our Philosophy: is based around creating an environment, which is safe, nurturing and fun.  Through a developmentally appropriate curriculum, all children will have the opportunity for exploration, discovery, making choices and play involving experiences that are meaningful to them. Play is an essential part of learning for children and will be included in classrooms and playgrounds as part of building imaginations and creativity.

Our Mission: is to encourage children to make responsible decisions, to learn self-responsibility and to have good self-esteem.

Our Vision: is for "Imagination Station" to open the doors to future dreams.

Our Goals for children are to develop confidence, cooperate, love learnings, independence, broaden communication skills, respect for self and others, and acquire problems solving and to have fun through play.
Private School Philosophy
Imagination Station strives to provide quality education for all children.  It is our expectation of ourselves to challenge all children to a level that each individual is capable of achieving.  We believe that through a combination of working in group situations to build team work and build language skills and communication for children will strengthen a child's overall skills and interests in learning. 
We believe that the creative arts such as music, art, drama, as well as integrated learning in a STEM(science,technology, engineering and math) we can and will prepare children to become the leaders of the future with confidence and compassion helping them to excel as individuals and to meet their personal needs.  
We also believe that children who have a pride in community will become responsible citizens and therefore classes will be involved in appropriate volunteer hours to support organizations in our community.

Mission Statement
Imagination Station believes that all children can be challenged and therefore reach their highest potential possible.  We believe that children should be educated with respect and compassion for self and others.  Our mission is to give children a positive learning environment within the classroom as well as the community through field trips that will compliment the educational experience.